Changes and More Changes

GC Logo v2The first change is a new logo design. The first design was essentially a pace holder until I got to making a better one. The new design feels better with the sound of the game’s name. I’m still working on coming up with a tag line.

We also discovered an example of another game (no longer in print) that had some close ssimilarities to Goblin Cobbler, mostly in the way cards could be captured and the scoring. It so happened to that this particular capture method was an aspect of my game with which I was not entirely satisfied anyway. Something about it seemed a bit clunky to me and it caused some confusion with new players. After a bit of thinking and several more rounds of play testing the problem seems to be solved. Without affecting the over-all game play much at all, this changed has allowed for the removal of one of the more difficult to describe aspects of play from the rules. The game now feels more streamlined and better focused. Everyone who tested it to far agrees it is an improvement. The game no longer requires that the cards have numbers on them, simplifying the visual design as well. This provides an opportunity to change the layout of the cards to better highlight other aspects of the game. So I’m calling this version 1.5 and I’m currently altering the card faces as time allows. The Print and Play version will have to wait a bit longer.