Print & Play Version

Today I am working on a Print & Play version of Goblin Cobbler. The cards are designed and layed out to be easily printed on Avery “Clean Edge” Business Cards (18871). You only need one package of 10 sheets as the entire game can be printed on 8 sheets. Using the Avery Business Card sheets lets you avoid all the cutting by just tearing the cards apart. If you happen to have a corner rounding tool all the better (rounding the corners makes the cards easier to shuffle).

For those that don’t mind cutting the cards apart and want to use their own card stock I will also provide a version with printed cut lines.

The game requires colour printing on the face of the cards, but I have kept the amount of colour ink required to a minimum. I am completely aware of how expenive printiner ink can be,

I am also making optional art for the card backs if you want to print two-sided cards.Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.42.45 PM Watch this blog for updates on when and where Goblin Cobbler Print & Play Edition will be available.